Recycling and organic rubbish container areas

During the summer season a large amount of waste is generated that too often are not properly deposited and our container areas are then surrounded with all kinds of furniture, debris, etc … The EUC Sitio de Calahonda has been struggling with this every summer, however the container areas are of municipal competence. This year, […]

Fiesta Sitio de Calahonda Day 2019

On the 29th of June we celebrated our traditional “Calahonda Day” party. The celebration of this party started with the intention of the neighbours being able to share moments in a relaxed and festive atmosphere at a time of the year when there is good weather. This is possible thanks to everyone’s cooperation,  Town Hall […]

Golf tournament Sitio de Calahonda Day 2019

We had the traditional golf tournament Sitio de Calahonda on the 29th of June, organized by Calahonda Euc, with the collaboration of the Club and several sponsors, 46 participants enjoyed a good sports day at La Siesta Golf Club. Thank you!

Cleaning and rubbish collection strike

The organic garbage collection and street cleaning in Mijas has been on strike since the 26th of June, the situation is getting worse, we hope that an agreement will be reached as soon as possible or the situation will become unsustainable, in some points of the urbanization you can no longer walk on the sidewalks. […]

New security company

Dear neighbors, We hereby inform you that from 1st of  July 2019, the company responsible for providing security service in our urbanisation is the company Fort Security Spain, S.L.(Fonseca Group) and therefore Franjus Security will not be responsible for the service since that date. The contact telephone numbers, attention to the public and emergencies for […]

Waste management

During the spring and summer months we notice that the situation of rubbish points in our streets worsens significantly, this creates a lot of problems and causes a very bad image to the urbanisation.