Works in July

In the month of July our urbanization receives many visitors, so we must reinforce our work, especially in cleaning. This month, apart from the routine work, our staff has also repainted the lettering of Sitio de Calahonda at the entrance to CC Cipreses, has built a new garden skip for calle Sevilla, placed a new […]

Works in June

1.- During the month of June we have continued with the fire-prevention plan, cleaning green areas, firewalls, etc. We have also attended several requests regarding some areas where the plants were overgrown and starting to invade nearby communities. Here are some photos of the good and hard job carried out by our staff. 2.- We […]

Works in May

As usual, here is a summary of the most relevant works carried out: 1.- The works during the month of May have been aimed in great deal towards the cleaning of green areas to fulfill the fire-prevention plan. 2.- We have finished a section of pavement in calle Cipreses. 3.- We have repaired the path […]

Works in April

We would like to thank our staff for their good work at these difficult times. These are some of the main works carried out during the month of April. 1.- We have continued painting pavements on calle José de Orbaneja. 2.- Repainting of road markings. 3.- Resurfacing the area near the garden centre, removing the […]

Works in March

The month of March has been a difficult month due to the declaration of the state of alarm. At all times, the EUC has followed the measures agreed by the government in relation to the workers displacement and the carrying out of activities, therefore our staff has been carrying out the tasks that have been […]

Works in February 2020

During February the most important works carried out have been the following: 1.- We have completed the asphalt repair works in calle Almería. 2.- Building a pavement in calle Menga. 3.- Painting of road markings at the main round-about and calle Las Postas. 4.- Cutting of eucalyptus tree sprouts in the green area, near Los […]

Works in January 2020

Despite it being a very rainy month, the works foreseen have been carried out in good time. Some of these works have been the following: * Calle José de Orbaneja: Painting pavements. * Calle Almería – cleaning of green area and garden rubbish collection point. * Calle Almería – repair of bumps/potholes. * Calle de […]

Works in December

During the month of December we have installed Christmas lighting, putting lights at both entrances on Avda. de España as well as some garlands on the lampposts. We have also planted some poinsettias in the gardens and lampposts opposite Buenavista on Avda. de España. Also, we have prioritsed in cleaning works and can point out […]

Works in November

Works in November As well as the usual maintenance works and urgent jobs, the works in November have been mainly focused on preparing our streets and parks for the rain, by cleaning and adapting drains. We have also finished the treatment of the pine trees for the procession caterpillar. When the rain arrived, our staff […]

Works in October

Works in October The most relevant works have been: Pavement in Avda. de los Jardines/calle Cipreses.        Calle del Golf – new fence and improvement of the garden rubbish area. Rubbish area by Dog Park: