Works September

In September we cleaned all the palm trees on the streets of the urbanisation, the taller ones were done by a specialised company and the rest by our staff. Pavement in calle Pinos, the community Rincón del Mar did some works on their boundary wall and we reached an agreement to repair the pavement.   […]

Works August

In the month of August our staff has been working hard in the garden areas since they require more dedication, the grass needs to be cut more often, more watering, etc. Also our staff have cutting the weeds that grow on our streets, some repairs, cleaning, etc…

Works July

In the summer months we try not to carry out works that can disturb the neighbors or traffic, mainly our staff is dedicated to cleaning, gardening and also to those jobs that require urgent attention.

Works June 2019

Some of the most relevant works carried out during June have been: To continue painting road markings and pavements. * Several garden rubbish collection points have been repaired. We continue cleaning green areas. * We have done several works in Parque de España, one of them has been replacing part of the fence to avoid […]

Works May

In accordance with the fire prevention plan, this year we have had to carry out a maintenance cleaning to comply with the plan’s requirements for the summer season. To do so, our staff and equipment has been cleaning the green areas to fulfil the fire prevention plan. The green areas that have been done this year are:

Works in April

During the month of April we have continued painting the pavements and have done some repair works on the pavements in calle Las Postas and the Bus-stop at the top.   We have repainted the road markings in several areas.   We have also adorned the little olive tree round-about with flowers and have refilled […]

Works in March

In March, we started painting the pavements in Avda. de España. The result is very satisfactory, they look much newer and give a nice appearance to the main entrance of Sitio de Calahonda. In February we informed that we were starting the pavement works in calle Almería. These works have been completed and here you […]

Works in February

Works in February (Cover photo – improvement of the garden at the entrance of the urbanisation) The most significant works carried out during the month of February have been: Completing the second phase of the pavement and parking works in calle Monteparaíso: In calle Almería we have started with the pavement works by the community […]

Works in January

We have started the new year with several important works, we can not list them all but some of them are detailed below:….

Works in December

This year we have had some extra Christmas lights that the Town Hall lent us. Our staff went to collect them and installed them. As well as these lights, we put poinsettias on some lampposts, but unfortunately, we had a few very windy days and had to change them. On the other hand, we have […]