Works in November-December 2021

These have been the main works carried out in November and December: 1.- Building a pavement at the end of Avda. del Cortijo. 2.- Parque Europa. Cleaning all the area with machinery. 3.- Calle Almería. Cleaning. 4.- Pathway to garden center park, cleaning of signage, clearing of fallen branches. 5.- Installing Christmas lighting and planting […]

Works in October 2021

Below, we highlight the most relevant works carried out during the month of October: The months of October are characterised by pruning tasks and actions against the pine processionary caterpillar. The pruning of the palm trees in our streets has been carried out, our staff has pruned those that we can do with our crane […]

Works in September 2021

During the month of the September, these are the most relevant works carried out: 1.- Cleaning of green area by Balcón de Tenis. 2.- Repair works on noisy manhole covers in the streets. 3.- Cutting back plants that were blocking the lampposts lights. 4.- Building a new bridge at the Parque de Calahonda 5.- Installation […]

Works in July and August 2021

During the months of July and August we have had many visitors and therefore we have put our efforts towards the cleaning and maintenance of the streets, without forgetting the gardens, green areas and attending any possible incidents. Some of the works carried out have been: 1.- Cleaning the green areas in calle Torcal and […]

Works in June 2021

As usual, here is a summary of the most relevant works carried out this month. We also continue with the ordinary services that you can find detailed on this link: 1.- Painting pavements in calle Almería and conde de Jordana. 2.- Cleaning of green area by Miel y Nata. 3.- Painting and cleaning the […]

Works in May 2021

Works carried out during the month of May 2021:   1.- As we informed last month, we decided to repair the serious damage caused by the storm Philomena on Avda. del Cortijo using our own staff. It has been an considerable job and we can now see the result of the good work carried out: […]

Works in April 2021

Notable works carried out in the month of April 2021: 1.- After collecting several estimates and contemplating several options for the repair of the serious damage that the Filomena storm caused on the pavement of Avda. del Cortijo, we decided to carry it out with our staff and request collaboration from the Town Hall who […]

Works in March 2021

Below is a list of the most relevant works carried out in March: Calle Istán has been totally remodelled: Parque España, removal of mud, cleaning and gardening works. Cleaning of green area between the Community Mediterraneo and the Community Terrazas de Calahonda. Pavent on Avda. de los Jardines. Cleaning with the JCB on Avda. del […]

Works in February

Works in February 2021 As usual, we inform you of the most relevant works carried out in our urbanisation. In February we have continued with the cleaning and repair of the damage caused by the storm in January. We have also done some preventive works to avoid problems in the future. With respect to infrastructures, […]

Works in January 2021

In only 31 days, the month of January has had so many different weather events that we have hardly had time to do anything else but repair the damages. In the urbanisation, the storm Filomena impacted with strong rains and has caused serious damage. Our staff has removed vast amounts of mud and stones from […]