EUC Services

The main activity to which the EUC Sitio de Calahonda is dedicated is the maintenance of the urbanization. However, the office of the E.U.C. also provides other services that are detailed below.

Services provided through the community office

  • Maintenance of public order and prevention of criminal acts by contracting a surveillance service.
  • Management of receipts, preparation of reports, preparation of Assemblies, Minutes, management of defaulters, etc.
  • Legal Advice of the Entity (Lawyer).
  • Technical Advice of the Entity (Technical Architect).
  • Representation and liaison of all owners facing different public and private organizations.
  • Defend the interests of the owners in matters of general interest for the Urbanization.
  • Water and sanitation service through hiring a water company.
  • Liability insurance for damages to third parties.

    Infrastructures (Roads)

    • Repair of potholes and sinkholes, as well as asphalt and cunetines.
    • Repair of manholes and sumps.
    • Improvement of sidewalks.
    • Placement and maintenance of street signs as well as road signs.
    • Cleaning of streets, drains and cunetines (periodic sweeps, garbage collection, emptying of bins).
    • Road marking paint on the roadway all kinds of traffic signs on the road (pedestrian crossings, lines, parking areas, stop, yield, etc.).

      Parks, gardens and green areas

      • Cleaning of green areas to avoid abandonment.
      • Irrigation and care of gardens and parks.
      • Pruning of palm trees and other trees when necessary.
      • Fire protection plan, preparation and updating of an annual plan: Security strips, Fire breaks, pruning and thinnings, hydrant maintenance.

        Garden pruning collection

        • Collection and transfer to the landfill of the prunings, grass, rest of garbage of garden of the owners of the Urbanisation.