From the EUC Sitio de Calahonda we focus our efforts on the defense and conservation of the environment, we believe that the collaboration of everybody is extremely important and this is why we offer some useful tips to help us in its protection. The attitude of everybody its crucial to reduce the environmental impact, for example in the management of our wastes. In this section you will find useful advice on this matter, and also the situation of the containers and storage points.

We are fortunate that our urbanization has a large number of green areas, which purify the air and where we can enjoy beautiful walks in the middle of nature, with pine trees that counts many years old and that has been the special feature of Sitio de Calahonda. In addition, our houses also have gardens, sometimes large, and the maintenance of all this nature originates a good number of tons of plant waste that are recycled every year by a company hired for this purpose.

We insist on the collaboration of all the neighbors so that they make sure that their waste is deposited in the official places destined to it. Remember that the pruning and felling of any type of tree requires having a prior municipal authorization. You can also find the link to the forms and necessary information in this website.