Cartel Fiesta2017

Dear neighbours:

Saturday July 1 we are going to celebrate the “Sitio de Calahonda Day”. As each year it will be held at the Parque de Calahonda by the garden centre. On that day we will start with the Golf Tournament at La Siesta Golf Club.

As usual, there will be a good number of activities. At 7 p.m. we start with the entries and the distribution of race bibs. Then we will start with the games, sack races, ball games, etc. Any parent, who would like to help out with the games, will be more than welcome. After the games, there will be a bouncy castle for children to jump about in until late. While their families relax from the hustle and bustle with a cool drink and something to eat from the club La Naranja bar set up for raising funds for charity.

Once recovered from the children’s games, we will be ready to dance to live music. This will be around 9.30 p.m. until the body gives out.