Congratulatory letter from the Civil Guard of Mijas

Congratulatory letter from the Civil Guard of Mijas to Franjus Security guards, we also wish to congratulate them for the great work they do.

Dear Sir,

During the first quarter of this year, several incidents occurred in the urbanisation Sitio de Calahonda, caused by the fire set on by an arson on several vehicles, as well as threats to several business owners of «El Zoco» Shopping Center, located in this urbanisation, which caused Some alarm in the neighbours of the area. As a result of these events, by personnel of these Guardia Civil Headquarters, the perpetrator was arrested up to three times and handed over to the competent Judicial Authority, causing the recognition of the neighbours of the Urbanisation for the prompt action and clarification of the facts.
In the aforementioned arrest of the perpetrator, the
Civil Guard of these Headquarters, had the excellent performance, and I reiterate excellent, of the personnel of the security company Franjus Security.
Undoubtedly, your collaboration has been essential in the work of locating, identifying and arresting the perpetrator. You have demonstrated exemplary values for the Spanish society. You have taken risks, that if would not be understandable if it weren’t for your professionalism, love of service, great zeal for your reputation, high technical and professional preparation, and high spirit of sacrifice. Moreover, I dare say, without doubt, that our country, should be proud to know that there are still people with values such as you have manifested.
Therefore, please send my most sincere CONGRATULATIONS, ON BEHALF OF THE OFFICIAL THAT SUBSCRIBES AND OF THE GUARDIA CIVIL, to the following guards who participated in the events described above.
– Don Francisco Fernando LOPEZ AGUILERA, with D.N.I number
……… and T.I.P. Number ………
– Don Juan Enrique RAMIREZ PONS, with D.N.I number ……..-. And T.I.P. Number
– Don Francisco Javier GUERRERO ALMANSA, with D.N.I number
…….. and T.I.P. Number ……….

In the same way, I hereby issue this letter, transmitting to the aforementioned
Security Guards my most sincere congratulations, urging them to continue in the same line and hoping that all the above will be transmitted to them, so that it has the appropriate effects with respect to their service sheet or file and acts as an encouragement to their colleagues.
Lastly, I would like to extend these congratulations and express my deepest gratitude to the security company Franjus Security, for its constant collaboration with the Guardia Civil in many police services, as well as in situations of catastrophes.
Yours sincerely,

Leonardo Rey Rodríguez.