Los Cipreses & El Campanario Shopping Centers

Without leaving the urbanization, it is possible to visit a big number of shops and have access to a number of services of all sorts. Los Cirpreses and El Campanario, surrounded by a big parking, features services offices, restaurants, coffee shops, terraces, banks, real estate agencies, supermarkets, an apotheke, and a big etc.


Aswell, from one of the corners of the parking you can take the trekking route that goes to Conde de Jordana. On the opposite side you can explore the Gardening Center of Calahonda, which is close to a beautiul tranquil park where you can relax after a good shopping session

Both shopping centers are placed within one of the main entrances to the urbanization.

During the sunny days, the terraces can often be seen full of life and visitors reading their newspapers and favourite magazines (there is a nearby quiosk with foreign press).

Where is it?