Sitio de Calahonda in figures

Very often we receive enquiries and complaints about areas that are not part of Sitio de Calahonda. Today we are going to know a bit more about Sitio de Calahonda:

Our urbanisation covers an extension of 3.000.000 m2, 600.000 m2 of green areas and 30 kms of roads and pavements. On the map you can clearly see the boundaries of our urbanisation, the road that goes from the main round-about to the motorway and calle Huelva are outside of our boundaries as well as the areas shaded in grey that aren’t part of Sitio de Calahonda.

Number of dwellings: 6.155 dwellings distributed in 140 subcommunities and individual villas.

Number of Commercial facilities: 150 commercial premises and several shopping centres such as Los Cipreses, Campanario and Business Centre (Centro de Negocios). Others nearby although outside of our boundaries are: El Zoco, Los Olivos and Los Jarales.

Parks: We have several parks: a children’s park on Avda. de España (Parque España), another one next to the garden centre called Parque Calahonda (with an interpretive trail) and another one on calle José de Orbaneja by El Puente II (Parque Europa-ping pong).

Sports facilities: Golf Course (La Siesta), Paddle La Siesta, Tennis Club, Paddle, Squash, Gymnasium (Club del Sol), gymnasium and indoor swimming pool Crown Resort Club Marbella, Oxygen Sports Centre (Avenida de España).

Nearby port (Cabopino)

Dog Park: With a big area for our pets – near el Puente III, calle D. José de Orbaneja. Its maintenance is now up to the council as it was handed over to the city council for its use by the Autopista del SOL toll road.

Hotel offer: 2 Tourist resorts (Campanario and Crown Resort)

Churches: San Miguel Church (ecumenical), Norwegian Church and Baptist Church.

Security: We have a private security company Fort Security.

Electric installations: 18 transformers that supply more than 25.000 kw to all the neighbours of the urbanization. Only the public lighting of the urbanization has 12 metres and 951 lampposts.

Water storage: 6 water deposits with a total capacity of 10.500.000 litres of drinking water.

Should you need to report any issue regarding any of these facilities belonging to Sitio de Calahonda, please don’t hesitate to go to our Report Incidents page.