Who we are

Sitio de Calahonda is a private development whose execution began more than fifty years ago. In accordance with the Spanish legislation and with the urban planning of Mijas, the owners of the urbanizations are obliged to maintain and conserve it by means of their grouping in the Urbanistic Entity of Conservation. Therefore, the Town Planning Conservation Site of Calahonda is the entity of an administrative nature and with full legal personality that is entrusted with the maintenance and conservation of the Urbanization of the same name.


Conserve, maintain and carry out the necessary actions for having an excellent, safe and sustainable urbanisation supplying quality services to all our neighbours.


To be an organisation capable of responding to the requirements of our neighbours, with criteria of quality and excellence and with the capacity to adapt to the changes.


Joint vision. We observe and respond to everyone’s needs, always acting envisioning the improvement for everyone.

Service. We organise ourselves to respond and give solutions to people’s needs.

Transparency. We are an open and accessible organisation and our information is available to anyone who requires it.

Adaptable. We transform ourselves if necessary, we are flexible and evolve over time and with the new needs.

Entrepreneurs. We are proactive and we seize the new opportunities.

Committed. We assume our vision and values with commitment.

  • Committed to the citizen of Sitio de Calahonda. We provide a quality, kind and personalised service.
  • Committed to our staff. We work on a common project and prize the effort and motivation.
  • Committed to the Environment. We seek harmony with the environment and generate a minimal impact on the same.

We want to achieve a high quality level of the environment where we live, making our everyday enjoyable and revaluating our properties and investments in Sitio de Calahonda.

The EUC SITIO DE CALAHONDA is governed by its statutes approved by the Municipality of Mijas and registered in the Register of Collaborating Urban Entities of the Junta de Andalucía with folio 24 of Book IV under reference E.U.C.-4.

In accordance with the legal and statutory provisions, the government of the EUC is entrusted to the General Assembly in which the owners of the urbanization participate in the terms established in the bylaws as well as by a Board of Directors elected annually by the Assembly whose function is the management and administration of the entity under the guidelines issued by said Assembly.

You can find more information about the history of our urbanization in the commemorative book of our 50th anniversary


You can also watch the video “A walk through our urbanisation Sitio de Calahonda”