Calahonda Hermitage

Once placed in the highest hills of Calahonda, it is now paired with the most recent constructions like Cascadas and others alike. The birth of the hermitage located on the upper part of Calahonda was interesting.

A British film crew came to the urbanisation to shoot a film, leaving behind an arch on the crest of the hill when they left. Fernando Oria and Jose de Orbaneja went up there and wondered how to make best use of this structure.

The idea came to us to build a hermitage with a mirror that would reflect the evening sun and could be seen from a good part of the coast. And yes, ‘romerías’ to the hermitage were eventually organised.

The views to the mediterranean from the Hermitage are spectacular to say the least, and on the nights without moon, the night stacked with stars attracts more than one resident.

There are no parking problems around the Hermitage.

Where is it?