Interpretive Trail

For several years now we have been able to enjoy this wonderful path in which the operative services of our urbanization worked with enthusiasm, under the indications of our director of Environment, it is a natural island within an urbanized area that invites us to enjoy of nature, the existence of identifivcative posters helps us contemplate and identify, native fauna and flora.


To do this, a wooden bridge was built, which will give access to this path from the entrance located on the Avda. De España, and which children like very much.

It is a Green Zone of Calahonda of great ecological importance where the dense vegetation and the availability of some areas of water throughout the year make this place frequented by many animal species and especially by birds. We propose to know you more deeply through an interpretive itinerary. Walking along this path means enjoying a beautiful corner of the urbanization and at the same time knowing better the natural heritage that inhabits it.


Several panels will show the visitor the peculiarities of the autochthonous vegetation that grows in this place, such as the pine forest, the cork oak or the dense undergrowth that has proliferated next to the stream under the canopy of the eucalyptus trees. Along the trail you will find information that will help you identify a good number of birds. We hope you enjoy the trip and do not forget the recommendations for its use. Caring for and protecting this space is everybody’s job.


Where it is?