Pruning information

Dear owners,

Due to the difficulty of keeping the deposit points for garden rubbish in good condition, as well as the invasion of vans that come from other areas of the coast to throw away their waste, and above all motivated by compliance with municipal ordinances that expressly prohibit the deposit of this type of waste on the streets, the Board of Directors has made the decision to eliminate the points located on the streets of the urbanisation.

However, and so that you can continue using this service provided by the EUC Sitio de Calahonda, through the company hired for this purpose, a point has been set up so that everyone can deposit their garden rubbish, this point is located by the EUC Sitio de Calahonda office, at Calle Monteparaiso, 6.

The timetable for depositing garden rubbish will be from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We ask you to inform your gardeners properly so that they can adapt to the collection service in the most appropriate way as soon as possible.

There are situations in which it is necessary to deposit the remains in other places to be collected from there, for this it is essential to previously contact us (tel 952 93 20 40) so the date of collection is agreed. Massive pruning of pines must be previously notified and their cost paid separately.

Any pruning or felling requires the indispensable municipal authorization. In the following link you can access the necessary information: Pruning and felling forms in Mijas (automated translation, because the Mijas website is not available in English at the time of publishing).

If you need any additional information about authorizations you can contact the department of parks and gardens of Mijas in the following email:

We would like to highlight that it is very important that you follow the instructions regarding authorization of pruning / felling regarding the deposit of vegetal residues in the official places. Its breach can bring you an important sanction, all this is regulated in the ordinance for planning, management, use and protection of green areas and plant heritage of the municipal district of Mijas (in Spanish).