Works from June to August 2023

During these last months and taking into account that we are ending the month of August, we can categorically say that the most notable issue has been the amount of rubbish that has been generated in Sitio de Calahonda, although this would not be a problem if it were left in the appropriate places, both… [Read more]

Actions in common areas

We have considered that it would be interesting to tell our readers what a day for our workers is like and how the work is distributed to ensure that our urbanisation continues to be one of the best. Our EUC has five operators and one foreman, all of whom are dedicated to the maintenance and… [Read more]

Works from January to May 2023

During the first months of the year, as usual, we focus our efforts on the fire prevention plan. We start by inspecting the green areas to identify the risks, then we inform about them to those responsible, owners and Town Hall. The green areas that are responsibility of the EUC are checked and they have… [Read more]