San Miguel Church

In 1976 Holy Mass began to be said under the pine trees where a church was planned and eventually built.

pic25When the parish priest of Cala de Mijas, Father Rodríguez Cabeza, presented the idea of constructing a hermitage, a piece of land was given to the Bishopric. Later, a half dozen proprietors financed what is today the Hermitage of San Miguel.

Father Rodrigo managed to create an even stronger bond between La Cala and Calahonda by organising an annual ‘romería’, or pilgrimage, between one place and the other.

In the beginning Saint Teresa, on her carriage, came in procession from La Cala to Calahonda, where a Mass was said and a meal taken among the pine trees. Each family brought from home more food than they needed themselves, which meant that there was always enough for those who turned up unexpectedly. The meal was always followed by singing and dancing.

La Church has many parking places available.


Where is it?