Listed below are the rules for the photo contest we are having to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the urbanisation Sitio de Calahonda:


1. Any person from Mijas who wishes to and uses photography as a means of artistic expression can participate in this contest.


2. Two themes are established in the contest:

Charming corners: the photographs will reflect open spaces and places of the urbanisation that invite you to live in it, visit it or either reflects the quality of life that it offers.

Nature and Environment: reflecting the singularity of the natural environment that surrounds the urbanisation, its green areas, gardens, coast, etc.


3. Registration is free and each author may present up to four inedited works / in digital format.

4. The images will be presented in JPG format in high quality (no compression) 2200 X 1200 ppp min. and 254 resolution.

5. They will be delivered in a main closed envelope with the reference «PHOTO CONTEST URB. SITIO DE CALAHONDA, 50TH ANNIVERSARY » which will include a CD containing the images with its title and a sealed envelope with the author’s details (name, full address, post code, telephone and email).

6. The works must be submitted by post or in person at the office of the EUC Calahonda located at c / Monteparaíso, No. 6, Urb Calahonda, 29649 Mijas Costa (Malaga), as from April 15 until May 31, 2013, before 14:00 pm.


7. The jury will consist of different professional photographers and the Board of Directors of the EUC Sitio de Calahonda, or in whom it delegates, being Mrs. Coral Castronuño de Sarachaga, as President, who can solve all those aspects not covered by these rules.

8. The jury’s decision is final and can leave any of the prizes desert and only one prize may fall on the same person. It will be unveiled during the celebration events planned to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Urbanisation Sitio de Calahonda.

9. The jury will preselect the images presented, stating them as finalists from which the winners will be selected. The finalist authors will receive a certificate of appreciation and the photos will be part of an exhibition that will take place in the «Green Room» of La Naranja Club, located at c / Malaga, Urb. Sitio de Calahonda.


10. There will be two prizes, the awards ceremony will be held on June 29 at 21:30 hrs in the Calahonda Park by the Tree Nursery.

Charming corners Prize: 250 €
Nature and Environment Prize: 250 €

The prizes are subject to the corresponding tax retentions.


11. E.U.C. Calahonda reserves the right to reproduce or publish noncommercial winning images, keeping the copyright / all rights to their work and intellectual property of the same.

12. Participants authorize the E.U.C. Sitio de Calahonda to put the pictures on their website (in low resolution to provide protection) to publish images, always mentioning the author/s of the same and without entailing payment of any consideration.


13. Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these rules.

For any queries please contact EUC Sitio de Calahonda on 952932040
Photomontages are not considered valid in this contest. Retouched photographs are supported such as rotating, modifying the histogram of the image, through curve adjustments, or approach application or levels.


For photographs for the prize Nature and Environment, those that when taken may have endangered both the flora and the fauna are prohibited and excluded from the contest. Photographs of nests or chicks, or those which in the opinion of the jury could have endangered the specimen photographed are not allowed.