Gas revisions

During the past weeks residents informed us about visits from people of a gas company who wanted to check the gas installation without having requested it. They also threatened them with cutting the supply if they didn’t agree.
As on previous occasions, these people go to homes saying that it is a mandatory review that you cannot refuse to have done and therefore must let them in. Once they are inside, they charge exorbitant prices for the service.
We recommend that you do not let any company in unless you previously requested it. Also, take no notice of whatever excuse or justification they may give you. If they are extremely insistent, we recommend you phone the Police or our security comp. Franjus tel 699907865.
For those who have already been victims of this fraud, we advise you to report it to the Consumer Office of the Health Department of the Junta de Andalucía. If the people from these companies have also used threats or coercion it would be convenient to report it to the Police.
We remind you that users are obliged to review their gas installations every five years. You must request the service to the authorized company you prefer, but you do not have to accept the service offered by anyone you haven’t previously chosen.