AGM Cancellation

The entity’s Board of Directors has been analysing in detail the evolution of the pandemic with a view to the possibility of holding a General Meeting before next summer. It is always the intention and interest of the Board of Directors to be able to hold this annual meeting to be able to transmit to the owners the information related to the situation of the entity, the management carried out, and to be able to adopt the decisions for the following year. This has been done since the constitution of the EUC more than 45 years ago.
The Government of Spain has approved a regulation which suspends the obligation of the communities of owners to hold general meetings until December 31, 2.021 except for urgent matters. In these regulations, the automatic extension of the budgets and the members of the board has been established until the next General Assembly may be held.
The Board has considered that health protection should be the main criterion that we must adopt at this time, as well as guarantee the right of any owner to attend EUC meetings in the terms established in the entity’s Statutes. On this basis, given the regulations issued by the government of Spain and taking into account the rebound in COVID cases that we are experiencing in Andalucía, as well as travel restrictions that could make it difficult for owners to get over to hold an Assembly, the Board of Directors has been forced, much to its regret, to adopt an agreement to suspend the holding of the Assembly scheduled for the end of July 2.021.
The Board of Directors will continue to monitor the evolution of the pandemic and, if feasible, we will continue working to be able to hold a General Assembly in conditions of safety and equality as soon as possible.
Trusting that we will be able to meet again soon, we remain, yours sincerely,
Cesar Contreras
E.U.C. Sitio de Calahonda