Complaints for Foreign Tourists Service

Complaints for Foreign Tourists Service

Complaints can be made dialling 902.102.112. Working hours: 09:00 to 21:00 hours, from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays this service is not available.

Also you can find further info on this matter at (several languages)

The following crimes can be reported by telephone:

  • Burglary or theft:
    • Of vehicles or inside a vehicle.
    • In the home and /or establishment.
  • Theft:
    • Of documents and/or belongings.
  • Loss or misplacement:
    • Of documents and/or belongings, when mandatory or advised (documents, numbered objects or with serial number, etc.).
  • Damages
  • Theft by violence or intimidation:
    • When the events take place in public areas.
  • Fraud:
    • Frauds or unauthorized charges involving bank cards.
    • Easy inquiry frauds, when the complaint doesn´t involve great complexity.

In order to finish the process, and once your telephone complaint has been made, you must go to a previously chosen National Police Station in a maximum of 48 hours, to ratify it and sign it if it is correct. Please note that, if not ratified and signed by the complainant at the police premises, the complaint will not meet the legal requirements and, therefore, it will not be valid.

Once at the police station, and depending on the fact reported, it is of utmost importance that you provide the following information and / or documentation to the police, if you have not done it by phone:

  • IMEI numbers o serial numbers of the lost or stolen effects.
  • If any type of injury occurs to the complainant as a result of the acts of theft with violence and / or intimidation, a medical report must be provided.
  • In frauds involving bank cards, you must provide the bank card number, as well as a bank statement reflecting the reported operations.
  • In general, any type of document or relevant information related to the reported events that can be necessary for a subsequent police investigation.