Works during the 1st quarter of 2024

Below we summarize some of the works carried out during the first quarter of the year:

  • Repainting road markings on a section of calle José de Orbaneja and rebuilding the street sign for calle José de Orbaneja and Monteparaíso.
  • Refilling with asphalt some potholes in several streets.
  • Repainting the numbers on lampposts and repair of vertical traffic signs.
  • Following the plan for removing all the garden rubbish deposits from the streets, we have eliminated several points in calle Málaga, Avda. Del Cortijo and Jardines
  • Repair of broken bollards on pavements of several streets.
  • Cleaning mud accumulation after rains
  • Review of green areas prior to preparing the fire prevention yearly plan

  • As usual, repairs on manholes covers throughout the urbanisation

  • And clearing works