Calahonda Park

In Parque Calahonda, also called Parque Vivero, because it is next to the Calahonda Garden Center, it is a beautiful park under the pines.
It has a playground for children and plenty of green space for the enjoyment of young and old, from the Calahonda Park you can start a great walk along the natural path that goes to the Avda de los Jardines, this path has signage to know the flora and fauna of the area.

It has entrance through Avda de España and through the entrance of Vivero, where it has a large parking area.

In this park every year the festival of Calahonda Day is celebrated, where the residents of the urbanization enjoy live music, dancing, games for children, etc.

There are signs where to obtain information of the flora and fauna of the place.


The Day of Site of Calahonda celebrates a verbena in the park

Where is it?