DO NOT deposit bags and other refuse on garden rubbish collection points

For a few months now we have been insisting on the need for plastic bags or other waste not to be deposited in areas or containers for depositing garden rubbish.

Due to the above, two workers from our technical service spend part of their day removing plastic bags and other items deposited in the garden rubbish collection containers. We must remind you, as we have been doing for months, that it is not

It is allowed to throw bags or other waste other than garden rubbish in the garden waste collection containers.

In the event that the recycling company collects garden rubbish mixed with other waste, especially plastic bags, the bill becomes considerably more expensive. At the moment, our workers are removing the bags before the lorry passes, but this is not the solution since

they have to leave the work they are doing to do so. Therefore, we ask you to deposit garden waste only in the authorised points and without any type of bag.