Works in November

The works carried out in November have depended on the weather. Due to all the rain, our work has been delayed, while other jobs have been because of the rain.

Due to the rain there has been a landslide in calle Andalucía that has been solved by our JCB.

We have changed one of the metal grids on a water drain for a larger one over the gully at the end of calle Viera. We have also cleaned the rain water drains in the gully of the cul-de-sac by La Cartuja community.

We are currently conducting a campaign to change the concrete manhole covers that are in bad condition. They are being replaced with cast iron covers that, although they are more expensive, their maintenance is much lower and their durability is greater.

On calle José de Orbaneja, by the junction with calle Monteparaíso, we are refurbishing the pavement. Our intention is to improve the traffic flow as at present the area has a very tight and dangerous curve.

We have extended the viewpoint on calle Cristóbal Colón and installed two exercise machines. We will also be painting the platform shortly.

Our staff carries out a considerable number of maintenance repairs on a daily bases, most of them on request of the residents. This cooperation is very important to us and we encourage you to inform us about any incident that may occur in our streets.