Calahonda Beach bus stop

The Town Hall has contacted the EUC Sitio de Calahonda to inform us that they might be moving the Marbella-Fuengirola bus stop by Calahonda Beach. They have received this communication due to the danger for the users of this bus stop as it is located on an island that has entry and exit with no zebra crossing to the same.

We have asked them that, although it is necessary to carry out improvements to make it safer, we certainly do not agree with them changing the location. The bus stop has been there for a long time (in fact it is called Las Postas). It is the main entrance-exit to Calahonda and is connected with the other side of the N-340 by the pedestrian overpass and the tunnel for vehicles also. The area has a population of 10.000 – 20.000 people depending on the season (winter-summer) and there are thousands of residents and tourists that use this bus stop. It is also used by school buses, tourist buses, etc.

We consider that moving this bus stop would be very negative for all the users and in particular for the residents of Sitio de Calahonda. Therefore we have asked the department in charge to point out to those responsible that we would like them to contemplate options for improving the security rather than moving it, which would also cause an equidistant disorder between stops and disturbance to thousands of users.

We have also sent them a small sketch showing that a bus stop could be made with all the safety guarantees barely 10 meters away from its current location. This way there would be no changes or disturbance to the users or the bus line.

We hope they take into account our claims and leave the bus stop where it is and we can continue using it as we have been doing for so long.

César Contreras

E.U.C. Sitio de Calahonda