Christmas lighting

Our neighbours are wondering why we do not have Christmas lights, us too.

As you may know, the EUC stopped installing Christmas lighting when the Town Hall took over the electricity in our streets, as it did not have its own mains connection. This is why, since then, we have requested it every year, although without success until now. However, this year we were quite optimistic because at the end of October we received an email from the delegate councilor of energy and efficiency in which we were told that many urbanisations had requested lighting and that they had decided that this year they would collaborate with the lighting. They would reserve some Christmas lighting that previous years had been installed in the urban centers, and then we would do the installation and official request indicating the areas of the urbanisation where we intended to put the lighting. We would only be responsible for the guard, assembly / disassembly and custody of the installation. The Town Hall was also willing to assume the cost of the additional electricity supply generated by said lighting and was going to facilitate the connection point to which we had to connect the lights.

However, in the end this has not been the case, they have chosen to place the decorations promised to the urbanisations, in La Cala, Mijas and Las Lagunas, and they have also bought more decorations to try to appease the complaints of the residents of those areas. The urbanisations, once again, are left without decorations and what is worse, without a warning or an explanation that would have helped us to organize ourselves.

Due to all the above, at present we are trying to supply the unfulfilled promises of the Town Hall, placing in our streets some adornments and lights of previous years, connected to the electric lighting of some neighbours and communities, who have generously offered to do so.

We encourage all residents to install the Christmas decorations they deem appropriate within their communities.