Drought crisis

On 28/11/23 the town hall of Mijas has called a meeting with a high official of Acosol, Mr. Antonio Vera, the councillors and vice mayors Ms. Lourdes Burgos, Mr. Daniel Gomez Teruel, Mr. Juan Carlos Cuevas and Mr. Eloy Belmonte, the reason for the meeting was to inform the urbanisations of the serious problem of the serious problem of the drought.

The reservoir that supplies us is at 16.5% of its capacity, of which 5% is sludge, the desalination plant in Marbella only supplies 20% of what the inhabitants of the Costa del Sol consume on a daily basis and it also has to stop for maintenance, the situation as you can see is very critical, there is no water.

The first measure adopted has been the sealing of irrigation and swimming pool meters in communities. Those that predate 2006 may have a problem because their workers need water, water is needed for cleaning, building work, painting… and they cannot have water because it is the same meter as the irrigation or swimming pool and the meter is sealed, in these cases we recommend that you contact Acosol 952 93 20 20 and explain your particular case. It is certainly very sad to see gardens being spoilt, but water is necessary for human consumption and we have reached the point where we have to decide between plants and people,

From here on, if the situation does not improve, we can see how the water supply to the houses and communities drops in pressure and problems can appear because it may not reach the higher floors, they recommend to put a water impulsion motor.

The next measure will be night cuts and finally the supply of water for a few hours a day as many villages in the Axarquia already have.

There are wells, but most of them are not legal and the administration has already started to investigate them, no permits are given for new wells due to the current situation. There is also a pipeline that would supply water from Cádiz to Manilva and in the pipeline to Mijas, but Cádiz is no better off than Málaga and they don’t think it will be able to supply water to another province.



On the other hand, if well water is mixed with treated reservoir water it is probably not suitable for domestic consumption and we will have to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking.

If you need to irrigate to maintain your gardens you can buy water from companies that sell it legally as was done in the 1995 drought.

The golf courses are all being irrigated with tertiary treated water, but only the golf courses, Acosol is not allowed to sell it.

As you can see the situation is very delicate, we ask you to take this into account and make a responsible use of water, between all of us we can achieve that the amount of water we have lasts us a long time.