Summary of the informative meeting 16th of October.

Report of the Informative Meeting 16.10.19

The President welcomed those attending and presented the attending members of the Board of Directors, as well as the Manager and the office staff.

First he informed about the situation with the Town Hall, mainly with respect to the agreement. He explained that we had held a meeting with the new Mayor of Mijas, José A. González, from the PSOE political group, who is currently governing in Mijas with the support of Ciudadanos. At this meeting he was asked about the possibility of negotiating an agreement in the terms agreed at the past AGM of the EUC and he proposed another meeting with the Councillor of Urban matters and Urbanisation to treat this matter. The meeting with this councillor was held on Monday, the 14th of October, and at this meeting, the bases for the configuration of the agreement for supplying services that would entail the reception of the common elements and a gradual service supply over a period of 10 years were set. The lawyers of both parties will have further meetings to agree the text of this agreement.

Also, we have held other meetings with representatives of the Town Hall. One with the Councillor for street cleaning, where they confirmed that they would supply a cleaning service for urbanisations, probably next year and thanks to the fact that they have included urbanisations on the bidding process. They also informed us that the Town Hall will be cleaning the riverbanks and that they are going to hire a specialised company for the works. They also informed us that the Basic Income Program staff could come to the urbanisation once a week or every fortnight to do cleaning duties.

We also held a meeting with the councillor in charge of Parks and Gardens to show them the parks and gardens we have in the urbanisation. We enquired about the supply of this service in a short period of time, but they informed us that at least two years would have to pass before they draft a new bidding process for this service and urbanisations be included.

Then, he informed about the new security company Fort Security Spain, S.L. that started giving service in the urbanisation on the 1º of July 2019. He pointed out that 5 companies presented themselves to the bidding process and finally 4 companies presented their offers. It was this company, Fort, who presented the most advantageous offer and the best project for supplying the service. One of the main requirements we were asking for was the incorporation of all the security guards to the new company with an improvement of their situation. The uniforms and vehicles have been improved, as well as the equipment. Three months have passed since they started giving the service and the result is positive and several aspects have been improved and the crime levels are under control.

Another matter mentioned was the reappearance of wild boars in the urbanisation. It was informed that the EUC has denounced the problem to all the competent organisms, such as Town Hall and Junta de Andalucía, as well as reporting the situation on the media. For some time, it seemed to be under control, but in the past weeks the situation has got worse. We are doing everything that is in our hand to try to control the situation, but he pointed out that it is also necessary that the owners affected by this problem report it to the Town Hall as well as install the preventive measures possible to avoid them entering their properties.

Lastly, he informed about the road that connects the motorway with calle Huelva. Although this road is outside of our urbanisation, it has been denounced by the Board of Directors to Mijas Town Hall, for them to improve the cleanliness and the safety of the same.  Currently, Mrs. Bladh, member of the Board of Directors, is promoting an initiative so he passed the word to her. She explained that she has prepared a letter to the Town Hall will the safety measures this road needs. This letter will be presented together with all the signatures of all the affected persons, specially at the higher part of the urbanisation. To this effect, as President of Portón VII, she is going to meet with presidents of other communities to try to get as many signatures as possible.

With the presentation over, a period for asking questions was opened in which most of the attendees informed about the problems they are having with the wild boars. The President once again insisted that everyone must present their complaints to the Town Hall.

Other questions referred to what happened with those who have an alarm system with Franjus and the change of company. It was explained that, they can change alarm company, as this is very simple, but that Franjus, as any other company in the area, give a good service. Also, owners can call the security company in Calahonda and they will attend regardless of the alarm you may have.

Some questions were regarding the possible measures that could be taken to slow down the speed of vehicles, specially on calle José de Orbaneja between calle Huelva and Monteparaíso. It was pointed out that we will inform the Local Police for them to take measures.

Someone asked what services the EUC give and all the services currently given were explained and what services we were claiming the Town Hall to do. The aim is to reduce the fees once the Town Hall gradually takes over the services.

Also, someone asked about the derelict building on the corner of calle Sevilla and Avda. España and it was clarified that they are still waiting for the building license to start the refurbishment.

Lastly, some owners showed their appreciation for the pavement painting works and the possibility of collaborating with communities and individual owners to paint the same. They also thanked the work carried out by the Board in general and the good condition of conservation of the urbanisation.

The meeting was closed thanking all those attending.