Waste management info

Dear residents:

As you will have noticed, this summer we are having many problems with all the mess around the rubbish container areas. There are rubbish bags on the floor, cardboards, pieces of furniture, etc. We are aware that at this time of the year there is a considerable increase of waste production and it is difficult to keep these areas clean, but it is not an excuse for some people to use them inappropriately as this type of antisocial behaviour affects us all.

The EUC reviews the incidents observed and sends them to the Town Hall on a daily basis. However, resident’s cooperation is essential because as we mentioned before, the inadequate behaviour of some, together with the lack of knowledge of others, make the situation even worse. Therefore, should you see a rubbish container area in bad condition, with pieces of furniture or rubble, please call our office on 952 93 20 40. You can also notify the Town Hall directly using your smartphone by downloading the App “Linea Verde” by means of which you can also send to Mijas Town Hall all types of incidents regarding environment, transport, rubbish, local police, plagues, etc.

We take this opportunity to provide some useful information and kindly ask you for your cooperation for a correct disposal of your refuse:

  • GREY CONTAINER: For organic waste, in summer the rubbish bags must be put out between 9 p.m. and midnight.
  • YELLOW CONTAINER: For light packaging such as plastics, cans, milk cartons/tetrabriks, etc. These can be put out at any time.
  • BLUE CONTAINER: For paper and cardboard. It is very important to fold the boxes and put them INSIDE the containers. They can be deposited at any time.
  • GREEN CONTAINER: For glass. Deposit at any time.
  • FURNITURE AND LARGE ITEMS: There is a FREE service, please do not just leave them by the containers, they will not be collected without prior notice. You must call 951 31 24 00 to arrange the pick up at your door.
  • GARDEN RUBBISH: Only in places designated as AUTHORISED POINTS. Please put the garden refuse inside and at the back of the designated areas, as many times the rubbish is deposited at the front making it very difficult to continue depositing more rubbish and it ends up invading the pavement. When carrying out a large pruning you must contact the EUC office on 952 93 20 40.
  • DEBRIS: We often see dumped debris by the containers or in other places which then makes is very difficult to remove, when it would have been very simple to just put them in the correct place to start with. Should you need to dispose some debris as a private individual, you can take it to the dumping point (Punto Limpio) in La Cala, if you have a company, you can take it to the treatment plant located also in La Cala, it doesn’t cost much (Aprox. 3,5 – 8€ per ton). Please make sure that the people who are doing building works on your property correctly recycle the debris.
  • CLEAN POINT: It is a FREE service in La Cala de Mijas, from Monday to Saturday (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) For harmful substances, batteries, chargers, light bulbs, debris, paint, metal, etc.
  • MOBILE CLEAN POINT: It is a FREE service; the mobile unit is located at a certain point of the municipality each day. The unit comes to Calahonda every odd week. Please find attached the program for August.

We thank you for your cooperation.