Works August 2018

As last month, in August we continue to focus our efforts on the cleaning of the urbanisation, streets, bins, etc. Also the green areas and we have basically completed our fire prevention plan which we are extending to other areas where we have found rubbish dumped by antisocial people. We have also cleared the paths that act as firewalls.

We are having many problems with the rubbish containers areas. These are the responsibility of the Town Hall, but their cleaning leaves much to be desired. The main problem is that people aren’t using them adequately and leave bags outside, on the floor, deposit rubble, furniture and everything you can imagine.

The EUC checks these rubbish areas and informs the Town Hall for them to send the collection service and clean up. We have also had an informative campaign on how to recycle and during this month we have sent hundreds of emails with all this information and we have published it on our website and the EUC Facebook page.

Also, at the beginning of summer the Town Tall started a campaign to reinforce the vigilance and the penalties for dumping rubbish outside the containers and without respecting the established schedules. Thus, the Local Police implemented a special device to monitor these antisocial behaviours.