Work on Avda. de España – Los Patios

The works carried out on the area by Los Patios – Avda. de España have been completed. These works have included:

  • Improvement of the area by removing bumps and potholes, painting and organizing.
  • The vehicles that used to park there would also invade the garden area which has ended up degrading it. This should improve shortly.
  • We have created a disabled parking space as there were none in the area.
  • We have created a motorbike parking area, as they used to occupy many car park spaces. Also a bicycle parking lot.
  • The reorganisation has been carried out so that the entrance / exit to the parking spaces is wider and this way avoid it getting blocked by large vehicles that used to park there (a large machine, vans and an odd lorry). Also, now it is easier to manoeuvre inside the island.

For all that, we have only lost two parking spaces, which could perfectly be those used by motorbikes. Of course, before carrying out the reorganisation, we took into account to maintain as many parking spaces as possible.

Nevertheless, we would like to mention that in that area there are also parking spaces on the road that goes to Mercadona, the buses area (by the old tennis court) and on Avda. De España, all scarcely 50-100 metres from the security hut.