Works in December

During the month of December we have installed Christmas lighting, putting lights at both entrances on Avda. de España as well as some garlands on the lampposts. We have also planted some poinsettias in the gardens and lampposts opposite Buenavista on Avda. de España.

Also, we have prioritsed in cleaning works and can point out the follwoing:

  • Cleaning of green area by Bellavista Hills – Alarife.
  • Repair of potholes in calle Almería.
  • Road marking – painting.
  • Drains in calle Encinas.
  • Removal of old rubbish platform in Avda. de los Jardines.
  • Repair of the entrance gate to the park on Avda. de España.
  • Repair and replacement of traffic signs in several points.
  • Replacement of posts in several streets.