Works May

In accordance with the fire prevention plan, this year we have had to carry out a maintenance cleaning to comply with the plan’s requirements for the summer season. To do so, our staff and equipment has been cleaning the green areas to fulfil the fire prevention plan. The green areas that have been done this year are:

  • Green area of Balcón de Tenis and Avda. Del Cortijo.
  • Green area and road margins on Avda. De Europa and calle Huelva.
  • Green area from calle Málaga to Calahonda Park.
  • Green area calle Jordana and Van Dulken.
  • Green area calle Córdoba and calle Golf.
  • Green area calle Cristóbal Colón.
  • Green area calle Jaén, Cádiz and Jaén (Las Serranas).
  • Green area Montecalahonda.
  • Green area Avda. de España-Avda. Jardines-Tree Nursery.

During the month of May we have continued painting the pavements and have done some repair works on the pavements in calle Las Encinas, Cipreses and Av Jardines.

Gardening at Parque España: