The green areas of Sitio de Calahonda, the privilege of living surrounded by nature.

Walking through our green areas in spring is a beautiful and healthy experience, which becomes necessary in situations as difficult as the one we are experiencing right now.

At Sitio de Calahonda we have the privilege of having a large number of green areas through which you can walk, contemplating nature in all its splendor.

We also have two interpretive trails, with signs of native flora and fauna, Los Álamos stream trail, on Av. Del Cortijo, between Jaén street and Calahonda Hill Villas, a green area equipped by the Environment Area of ​​the Mijas Town Hall with environmental signage and descriptive posters of the trees, which publicize its natural interest. The trail offers the walker the possibility of taking a pleasant walk parallel to the stream and in an upward direction, for one kilometer to the vicinity of the tunnel of the AP-7 motorway. 

The Parque de Calahonda trail, which can be accessed by Avda de los Jardines and Avda. De España. For several years now we have been able to enjoy this trail in which the operational services of our urbanization worked with enthusiasm, it is a natural island within an urbanized area that invites us to enjoy nature, the existence of environmental signage and descriptive posters helps us to contemplate and identify, native fauna and flora.

From here we encourage you to enjoy our trails, now they are beautiful.