Works in October 2021

Below, we highlight the most relevant works carried out during the month of October:

The months of October are characterised by pruning tasks and actions against the pine processionary caterpillar. The pruning of the palm trees in our streets has been carried out, our staff has pruned those that we can do with our crane lorry and the tallest ones have been pruned by an external company. As for the treatment against the processionary caterpillar, as every year, this has been carried out on the pines of the green areas and common areas, it is important that it is carried out at this time so that the caterpillars’ nests do not appear.

2.- We continue building the last section of pavement in Avda. del Cortijo.

3.- Repair calle Mallorca street sign.

4.- We have continued working in the park by the garden centre, the bridge is finally finished, it looks great.

5.- We have made some improvements to the garden rubbish deposit area by the entrance to the park on Avda. de España by planting some oleanders and repairing the deposit area.

6.- In several streets we have replaced bollards that were damaged.