Works on calle Monteparaíso

Acosol, the concessionaire of the water and sewerage service in Sitio de Calahonda, is carrying out works on calle Monteparaiso. These consist of the replacement of a section of the existing general sewerage pipe.

Although at first, they hadn’t foreseen having to completely cut off the street, the dimension of the works has forced to cut off the natural access to calle Monteparaiso and now both the entrance and exit of this road is carried out at the top end, becoming a two-way street whilst the works are in progress.

The concessionaire company has informed us that the milling and asphalting works on the section affected by the works is scheduled for November 9, it will be from then on when the street returns to its single direction of circulation.

However, it should be noted that in this type of works the dates depend a lot on the weather conditions, so we hope that the works will be developed in a way that there are no delays.

We must also point out that after the opening of the street, work will continue for a few days on smaller repairs and road-marking and painting tasks.