Actions in common areas

We have considered that it would be interesting to tell our readers what a day for our workers is like and how the work is distributed to ensure that our urbanisation continues to be one of the best.

Our EUC has five operators and one foreman, all of whom are dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of the urbanisation’s common areas, and work, with their best spirit, on incidents that occur daily, sometimes on a scheduled basis and many others going to calls from residents or from our security guards who warn us of a problem that requires immediate action.

Two of our operators are dedicated exclusively to cleaning the streets (30 km) and pavements, for this they have a small open van with which they go through the urbanisation sweeping and blowing its public roads. With respect to the machinery, we must say that for some time now we have had a silent electric blower, which has helped us to be more sustainable. The work of our cleaning service is arduous and is often complicated by the incivility of some people who deposit rubbish where they should not. On the other hand, our numerous pine trees, of which we are proud, it must be said, as soon as the wind blows, they release piles of needles that cover everything, and its clearing also takes up a lot of time.

These two operators also dedicate part of their day to removing plastic bags and other items deposited in the garden rubbish collection containers. We must remind you, as we have been doing for months, that it is not allowed to throw bags or any other type of waste other than vegetable waste in the containers for collecting garden rubbish. Precisely because of the incivility of some people who do not respect this prohibition, our workers have to be removing what cannot be recycled with the garden refuse and throwing it into other containers and it is time that they cannot dedicate to cleaning our streets. As you can understand, with so many kilometres of streets and so many cleaning incidents, sometimes there may be a delay in the sweeping of some of them. In this regard, it should be noted that the streets with the most traffic are cleaned weekly and that there is a determined route. However, if you detect an incident that must be resolved quickly, do not hesitate to contact our office.

We also have a gardener who maintains our common gardens, such as the roundabouts, the islands that we have in some streets and even some larger gardens, parks, and smaller palm trees. He also clears roadsides and some green areas in need of it and also collects all the litter bins (approx. 50) within the urbanisation twice a week, and like all our staff, on some occasions, they have to leave what they are doing and go to solve an incident that wasn’t expected, for example, such as a tree falling over or a broken tree branch.

Two other operators from our maintenance staff are dedicated to solving incidents and damages that appear in our common areas. For this they have a dump truck with a built-in crane, the latter is very useful for collecting garden waste in areas where, due to its narrowness, the garden rubbish collection lorry cannot do it, it can also be adapted to a basket with which we can place, for example, Christmas lights or prune the smaller palm trees. Other noteworthy jobs carried out by these workers are the painting of road markings and pavements.

Finally, we have a foreman of the technical service, who is in charge of distributing tasks and ensuring that all work is carried out quickly and efficiently. He is also the important link between the office and the technical service, he is in charge of going and reviewing the incidents we receive at the office and informing us of their resolution so that we can communicate it to the person who requests it. His experience and knowledge of the common infrastructures of the urbanisation are of great help, in addition to supporting operators in their jobs when necessary.

In relation to this section, we also must mention that twice a week we have the advice of a technical architect, who is not part of the staff, he is an independent professional but over the years it is as if he were one more, his help is very useful. He is also in charge of relations with supply companies on matters of general interest in the urbanisation and common areas, as well as with the Highway Demarcation, Town Hall, Motorway  Concessionaire, etc.