Participate Budgets Mijas Town Hall

As usual, Sitio de Calahonda urbanisation does not seem to exist for Mijas Town Hall, as they do not participate in the services that we are constantly demanding such as street cleaning, green area maintenance and self-protection plan, etc. and they do not undertake any of the infrastructures that we consider are necessary for our urbanisation.
In old projects that we have been demanding for years (by formally presenting them in writing through the entry register, by email or in conversations with the Mayors of PSOE, PP, Cs) they always replied with evasive answers (when they did reply). We refer to projects such as the access to the beach where we have to go through the riverbank and the construction of a sports area over the motorway tunnel.
These two projects were presented to the participative budgets and happened to be the most voted in the area of La Cala (+/- 200 signatures).
In both projects the technicians say that they are not feasible due to:
– The Calahonda beach access, because riverbanks correspond to another administration. Of course, we already knew this, but have asked them how they carried out the rest of accesses to the beaches as they all go through riverbanks and have been adapted for better access.
“ It is possible that they didn’t even ask the correspondent administration” we don’t understand why they are not interested in creating an access to this beach in the same terms as the access to La Luna beach, Calypso, Riviera, El Bombo, El Chaparral, are more than sufficient examples to justify that where there is a will there is a way.
– As for the sports area, they allege that the lease agreement with the motorway and the Ministry of Development is precarious and therefore they can’t do anything. This we don’t understand as that area already has a dog park (which we are very happy with) and that was built by the Town Hall giving the area equipment for dogs to use as well as benches, bins, etc. for the people who go there. ¿Why are they not interested in Calahonda residents being able to practice some sport in the area and not have to go at least to La Cala?
Within the community another two very interesting projects for outside of our urbanisation were presented. These consisted of making it safer for pedestrians to walk up from the area of El Zoco to Los Olivos, Calypso and the area of Gran Calahonda and the other project was to improve the road that goes from the round-about to the motorway at the higher part of Sitio de Calahonda (calle Huelva) as this road is very slippery due to the asphalt degradation, there are many weeds on the sides of the road, and there is no lighting or guiding road markings.
In both cases they have said it doesn’t belong to the Town Hall, that it should be done by the developer. What developer??? Is he still alive???
We feel that regardless to them belonging to the urbanisation or not, something should be done, as it is very necessary and people’s safety depend on it. On the first project, pedestrians are having to walk on the road because there is no pavement and they are at risk of getting run over. On the second project, there are thousands of cars using the road to get to the higher part of Sitio de Calahonda (dog park, Miel y Nata, Calahonda residents, etc.) and there are many accidents in this area due to the bad condition of the road.
It is usual to hear arguments about if there are first class residents and second class residents in Mijas and here in Sitio de Calahonda we are starting to think that there is.
When the elections are approaching, they promise and promise…, but do they fulfil? “Deeds are love and not good reasons” Santa Teresa de Jesus