Works in June

1.- During the month of June we have continued with the fire-prevention plan, cleaning green areas, firewalls, etc. We have also attended several requests regarding some areas where the plants were overgrown and starting to invade nearby communities. Here are some photos of the good and hard job carried out by our staff.

2.- We have finished the pavement in calle Sevilla that we built to be able to bury the cables, at last there are no aerial cables in the street.

3.- With the state of alarm over, we have re-opened all our parks and fitness areas and now they look this good.

4.- One of the jobs we started in June was repairing a section of pavement in calle Almería that was in bad condition.

4.- We have also had to cut two dry pine trees, one had fallen over and to avoid the other one falling we had to cut it down. We remind all our owners that in order to prune or cut down a tree you must have the correspondent permission from Mijas Town Hall or you could be fined. With respect to the garden refuse produced when it is an extraordinary pruning job, if you want the EUC to collect it you have to inform the office in order to coordinate the collection and if the amount is excessive a fee will have to be paid.

We recommend that you inform the EUC when cutting or pruning trees so that we are informed and know you have the permission.