Rubbish Management

October is a calmer month with respect to number of visitors, nevertheless, we continue having problems with the rubbish areas, too often they appear full of furniture, cardboards, etc. These areas look completely neglected. Also, it is appalling that people leave the rubbish bags outside the containers, where they can be broken and all the rubbish spread.

We will not tire of repeating that there is a furniture collection service, all you have to do is call 951 31 24 00 (Spanish and English) or you can call our office 952 93 20 40.

Also, there is a mobile Recycling Container that comes to our urbanisation on Tuesdays and Thursdays every odd week, where you can throw out electronic equipment, paint, lightbulbs, batteries, etc.

If you see any car or van throwing rubble, furniture, etc. please promptly call our security company Franjus on 699907865.

Thank you.