Works October 2018

In October we continue with the palm tree pruning. Last month our staff started pruning the smaller palm trees and now the taller ones are being done by a specialised company. We have also cut back some eucalyptus trees that had become dangerous.

At present, we are carrying out the pine tree treatment as it is the best time of the year to treat them against the procession caterpillar. This way we will avoid the nests appearing and the so feared caterpillars. The treatment is carried out by a specialised company and we remind you that if you have pine trees on your property it is compulsory to have them treated as well.

The infrastructure works continue at good pace and apart from some maintenance and repair works, our staff is currently working in calle Monteparaíso where we are building a new area with parking spaces and a pavement, which was highly demanded by the neighbours.

This month we have had a lot of intensive rain, but fortunately we haven’t had any serious damage in Sitio de Calahonda. However, our staff has been very alert as usual keeping the drains of our streets clean to avoid flooding. In calle Menga we are going to change the drains grids for larger ones and check out the drain pipe as there has been water problems in that area.